• It was refreshing to work with a realtor who is still excited about the process. James has an ear to the street and his company is a pleasure. Nick Meiers, Irving Park
    Nick M.
  • I really can’t thank James enough, every step of the way he was super helpful. Without him I doubt that I would have found my perfect place. He’s not pushy at all and led me through every stage of the process and found answers quickly to every question I had. I truly can’t recommend James enough! Thanks again James! Josh Parrish , Ukrainian Village
    Josh P.
  • Our realtor James was all we could ever ask for in our search for the perfect condo. He was such a genuine, kind guy who not once made us feel pressured or uncomfortable while looking at each unit. We were on a time crunch and James took us to upwards of 15 showings each day! We really felt like James would bend over backwards to make sure that we had whatever we needed, whether it was being picked up before showings, to taking us to and from the train station, to recommending quality and reliable painters and carpet cleaners, etc. for the move. If we could do it all over again, we would call James in a heartbeat!Chris Kang and Dr. Sewon Kang, Magnificent Mile
    Chris K.
  • I can’t thank James enough for the amazing job that he did in helping me find my new home. As a first-time buyer I had no idea where to start the process or how to go about sifting through the countless properties available out there. James patiently (and with many laughs along the way) helped me sift through everything, leading me to my great new place! I absolutely love having a place that I can call home. Heather Madden, Humboldt Park
    Heather M.
  • I am very pleased with the services provided by my realtor James. James listened and addressed all my questions, concerns and ideas promptly and patiently during the whole process. He was a pleasure to deal with and I always felt he kept my best interests at heart. He was never pushy, but was polite and professional at all times. If I ever purchase another property in Chicago it would be through James, because of his professionalism and great personality. Thank you, James!
    Dorota B.
  • I initially found Dream Town when I was surfing around the net checking out properties to see what was out there. I think I randomly was sent to James by the magic of the interweb. Anyway, it turned out to be my great luck. James wasn’t pushy at all. He called a couple times over the course of a year to check in. When I really became serious about buying, I knew I wanted him to be my agent because he wasn’t annoying me with dozens of phone calls. Boyfriend and I met with James to go over exactly what we were interested in and to check out a few properties. I think it took only two places before James really knew what we were looking for. We wanted a fixer upper foreclosure. These are really, really fun to look at in winter. Since they aren’t heated, they are sometimes colder than the outside. Also, a couple were inhabited by squatters. Some seemed like they might be on top of Indian burial grounds. I didn’t even want to go into one of the units it was so creepy, but James trudged through all of them with a sense of humor. After we finally found a place, James came with us to the longest, coldest inspection in the history of man. Standing in a foot of snow, he didn’t flinch. He also returned to the property with us several times to look at “one more time” before we got our purchase rolling. We were really high maintenance, but James was always really flexible and easy to contact. We finally closed on our place, and I felt really bad. Since James works on commission, his thorough searching and aggressive offer pretty much screwed him out of making very much money on the deal. But he continued to follow up to make sure we had all the keys we needed, even coming back to the property in the pouring rain. Which made sense, because we dragged him out in the pouring rain multiple times. When we decide to sell, we’ll definitely be using James. Nancy, Humboldt Park
    Nancy N.
  • As a first time buyer, it was helpful to have someone as attentive and responsive as James to guide me through the process. That responsiveness was best demonstrated when I unwittingly tested out the security system on the new condo and was working with Chicago s finest to prove my ownership of the property. Despite it being late on a Friday night, James showed up to make sure everything was taken care of.Brendan, Logan Square
  • Where do I begin? Indeed, how does one go about the task of tabulating the myriad ways in which James has facilitated the entire process of purchasing a new home. As first time homebuyers, we had heard horror stories from our friends & relatives about the veritable laundry list of things that could potentially go wrong. With James in our corner, we barely had a single hitch. Throughout it all, from traipsing around the city looking at properties (even on Sundays!), to negotiating with the seller in order to ensure we got the most for our money, to the final stroke of the pen on Closing Day, James was there for us. Regardless of the time of day or day of the week, he was always available to answer our questions – and believe me, we had PLENTY of questions! The knowledge he demonstrated in terms of the housing market, the appeal of different neighborhoods, quality of construction (or even, at times, a lack thereof), design aesthetics, etc., was extremely impressive. His congenial personality and jovial – yet delightfully quirky – sense of humor were extremely welcome whenever things started to get hectic. And his quick wit, coupled with a laid back – yet professional – demeanor kept our minds at ease & assuaged our apprehensions whenever we started to feel the stress mounting. All in all, working with James in buying our condo helped make the entire experience quite easy and relatively hassle – free. To say that I would not hesitate to recommend him to someone looking to become a homeowner is a complete understatement. If you’re in the market for a house or condo in the Chicagoland area (even if you’re just thinking about it!) you’d be remiss not to have James as your Realtor Extraordinaire. In fact, I would insist upon it.Nate DeVann, Old Irving Park
    Nate D.
  • Working with James was smooth and effortless. He gave me the space to look at what I wanted, when I wanted. I would go months not finding a place I wanted to look at, but James was never pushy. As soon as I did find a place I wanted to look at James was on the spot. Once I found a place, James made everything flow from bid to close. The only problem I had was the one person I went with that James did not recommend. Everyone James recommended was top notch and went over the top to ensure my needs and satisfaction. In a day and age where no one seems to care about their work, James and his associates are a fresh breath of professionalism. Honestly James, thanks for everything!Christopher, Rogers Park
  • James Bachmann from Dream Town was an excellent real estate agent!! He was extremely persistent and hard-working to help me get my condo sold within nine months in this difficult real estate market.
    Hillarey W.